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Our Mission Statement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South County is dedicated to providing a safe and harmonious environment for youth of all backgrounds and to help them develop qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders.


Our Vision Statement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South County is a youth development agency whose primary mission is to improve the quality of life of young people as participating members of our community.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South County bases its program on member and community involvement and is responsive to the influences of the total environment. It, therefore, provides youth with relevant, everyday care and diversified individual and group services, with special interest in meeting the needs of low-income members.

These services are designed to enhance the social, educational, health, vocational, leadership and character development of our membership.


Our Purpose

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South County is a guidance-oriented, non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to the mental, moral and physical development of boys & girls.


We love hearing from you

We enjoy hearing from both children and adults! Your hope and success give us inspiration. Here are a couple heart-warming stories (in their own words) we'd like to share.

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Love and Inspiration: a poem

Boys and Girls Club my home and family
A place with so much love to give
Many smiling faces to see
A place that's full of laughter
A place filled with glee
Everyone at Boys and Girls Club
Mean so much to me
It has been my home since I was small
I love Boys and Girls Club
I love you all
Everyone has taught me so much about life
You have kept me from wrong
And have led me into right
Without all of you I would not be who I am
Boys and Girls Club holds a special place in my heart
Where you will always stand
So to all the staff, and all the kids
I give you all the passion I have to give
You have been such an inspiration to me
My love for Boys and Girls Club
Will go on for eternity
I have been here since I was six
I thank you all for all the love I get
So to Ms. Sally, Ms. Silvia, and the one and only Ms. Dionne
To everyone at Boys and Girls Club
Thanks for making me who I am
Without you I would be nothing
I love you all.

- Gregory Willis Jr.

A Special Gift

If I had $100 to buy someone a special gift for the holidays I will definitely choose my foster mom without a doubt. There are many reasons why I would pick her. The most important reason is because she considers me and my sister a child of her own. She has raised me since I was six years old, it was a time when I really needed help, someone to care for me and most importantly, love me.

She has supported me during thick and thin times; she gives me advice, and cheers me up when I feel down. She not only offered me a shelter but a family as well. Thanks to her I've had a very nice childhood, I have great memories and I have been beyond blessed. We have spent five Christmas together where she has included me and my sister in her gift list. I constantly let her know how happy and grateful I am for everything she has done for us. I clearly remember my sister and I saved both of our allowance for two months straight to get her a Christmas gift. We wanted to buy her everything but of course we couldn't afford it. We ended up buying her a huggable stuffed bear. She loved it, even though she mentioned she already has the best gift-which is having us in her life. We couldn't believe this lady-who is not our real mother -cared so much for us.

I will never ever forget this beautiful experience. If I had $100 dollars this will be my opportunity to give her something in return. I know money is not the only way to show her my eternal gratitude but I sure will feel very happy having an opportunity to give her something in return. She is my angel! I know my sister and I are in good hands. If I don't win I'm just grateful I had a chance to put my feelings into words.

Some people might think being a foster kid is hard, I say yes it can be, but one thing I have learned; things happen for a reason and living with her has been the best thing that has happened to my sister and me.

- Camille, Age 11, Nicoloff Extended Learning

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