Small Wonders Pre-School

Ages 2.5 - 6 years
At Small Wonders Pre-School, we are dedicated to providing an atmosphere where each child can reach their full potential. Our goal is to develop happy, self-confident children in a safe learning environment. We recognize the first 5 years of life reflect the most rapid physical and intellectual growth. We practice "fun with a purpose" through our child development curriculum.
Oral language development 
Hands-on learning experiences 
Creative expression through Art, Drama, Music and Movement 
Fine and Gross Motor Skills 
Kindergarten preparation skills
*Our pre-school includes a food service program which offers a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks.
Monday-Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Registration Fee $50
Pre-school $160/wk 
Kindergarten $80/wk (in school)
$160/wk (vacation)
Part-time Pre-school $80/wk  8:00 am- 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm-6:00 pm


Preschool Registration Forms are now available to print online.  Please complete the forms and schedule an appointment with the Center Director.  To schedule an appointment please contact Diane Taylor at (619)  421-4011 ext. 319. 

Enrollment Forms

Special Needs Inclusion Forms

Childcare Center Notification of Parent Rights

Personal Rights

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

Identification & Emergency Information

Child's Preadmission Health History

Small Wonders Parent Handbook

2013 Holiday Schedule

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